At Loutra Edipsou you enjoy the healing power of the waters that enjoyed years before some other visitors ... Emperors, like Adrianos, Markos Aurelius and Grand Constantine, came to this little town of Evia for treatment. Aristotle himself tried to interpret the phenomenon of her thermal waters. Glamorous representatives of the modern jet sets of the modern era, such as Onassis, Callas, Greta Garbo, Omar Sharif, Greek politicians, shipowners, industrialists, artists, felt the beneficial effects of the waters of Edipsos in their bodies. Reveal yourself this natural treasure, a spa with value over time. Loutra Edipsou, your own shelter of peace and well-being.

Unique healing properties
In Bath you will fight stress, you will be rejuvenated, you will regain your spiritual clarity and you will leave with a unique sense of well-being. In the famous spa town of Evia expect more than 80 springs and a wonderful scenery of rich vegetation that meets the blue-green sea. At spa, public and private hydrotherapy facilities, hotel pools, thousands of people find relief from illnesses. Sea and thermal waters, dine-baths, drink-therapy, mud baths, swimming in the sea where the springs end up. Whatever you choose, in Edipsos you will be reborn.

God's gift to people
The unique healing qualities of the waters were a source of ... inspiration for mythology. An ancient Greek legend says that the goddess Athena asked her brother Hephaestus to create the baths of Edipsos to rest here after each feat her beloved hero Hercules.

It is also reported that the god Hera advised Deucalion and Pyrra to bathe in the warm waters of the springs to make many and strong children. After a while they gave birth to the Greek, the Greek Gender. Great waterfront was experienced in the Roman baths (100 BC-100 AD). The Roman general Sulla created here the first thermae and organized banquets. Live your own myth of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The hidden treasures of Loutra Edipsos

A walk in Edelweiss Belle Epoque.
A walk on the beach of Loutra Edipsos is enough to make you travel in time. The hotels retain the aesthetics of the Veel Epoque. From the "Wave", the characteristic platform, you will enjoy a magical sunset overlooking the Northern Evoikos Gulf. In the center of the city a work by Chiller: the old hydrotherapy center of Agioi Anargyroi, painted deep red. Behind the EOT hydrotherapy center, you will find the baths and the cave of the Roman general Sulla with the thermal basins, which is preserved from the Roman period - one of the most important sights of the region. The story, lively on a walk.

Sports and activities
In Edipsos you will enjoy diving with equipment from the diving center of Edipsos, fishing, hiking, mountain bike ... Wellness and sport in the heart of Evia.


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